Immanuel offers a dynamic and balanced academic program based on both national and international standards. Students receive instructions in  core content areas as well as enrichment courses. Our teachers use an interdisciplinary and integrated approach through classroom instruction, field trips, guest speakers and activities. Through these and other techniques, our students develop an ability to make discoveries, ask questions, and find answers for themselves.


Our faculty is comprised of qualified teachers who are committed to the students’ best interests and maintain good communication with parents about their child’s education.

In addition to our core faculty, we have a number of resident international educators who bring in a varied and global perspective of life at Immanuel. We also have an international team of visiting experts who come to train and develop our resident faculty exposing them to the best practices in contemporary education from around the world.

The Academy offers a CBSE course that helps lay a strong foundation in Languages (English, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali and French) , Arts, Mathematics, the Sciences, History/Social Studies, and Information Technology.




We encourage our students to express and develop their talents by offering a comprehensive fine arts program that includes music in association with Trinity College of London (Piano, Guitar, Violin), Drama, Dance, Martial arts( Kickboxing & Taekwondo) and SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work).

Likewise, we provide an outlet for our students to experience the enjoyment of physical activity through our physical education program. Our goal is to help our students develop a positive self image, develop fine motor skills and increase their physical fitness through individual, team and recreational sports.


We encourage our students to be involved in community service through a number of school projects throughout the year.
We desire to provide our students with the opportunity to participate and to lead in art festivals, plays, musicals, academic and sports competitions.
We organise regular field trips to places of interests throughout the school year.




The Academy will impart its education to all irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and community. The Academy also reserves  the right to run the school according to its norms and by laws in accordance to the rules laid out by Indian Education System and the Govt of West Bengal.

The classes in Christian Teaching (an essential feature for all Christian students) are not compulsory for Non-Christian students. For the latter, lessons are given on moral principles and conducted through Moral Science classes.